Service Preparation

  • All pets and children with allergic conditions should be away from the treated areas whilst serviced is carried out and for two-four hours after completion of the service. All compounds used are extremely low in toxicity although they can have a slight odour and we would like to be cautious.
  • Kitchen cupboards are not normally required to be emptied.
  • All pet bowls, pet bedding and children’s toys should be packed away prior to treatment to allow treatment of those areas.
  • All clothes on clothesline should be removed prior to treatment to allow treatment of areas adjacent clotheslines.
  • If you wish to mop the floor this should be done before we attend and then wait for at least two days.
  • Dwellings should be aired (all windows opened) for at least one hour before children, pets or asthmatics re-enter.
  • If we are treating for silverfish the base of the wardrobe should be emptied to allow for treatment. All possible affected clothing should be checked at seams and possibly washed in hot water.
  • If we are treating for fleas you should ensure your pets have undergone a flea treatment program and all floors are thoroughly vacuumed (including timber floor). Lawns must be cut low.


What do I do if it is raining on the day of my service?

It is OK to have a pest service if your grounds are damp as most compounds are water based and dry on contact. However, we would not do so in heavy rains or very windy conditions. Our technician will assess on the day.

Please call us on 02 8502 1485 if you are unsure