Pest Bird populations are growing at a rapid rate affecting commercial and residential properties. Some bird problems:
  • Birds nesting or roosting in buildings. Access is usually gained through broken tiles or damaged ridge capping. Main offenders are pigeons, starlings, sparrows, Indian myna birds.
  • Birds nesting in gutters, downpipes causing water to overflow, can lead to moisture problems in the walls.
  • Birds are hosts for bird lice and mites, this can affect residents or workers.
  • Birds damaging food products, grains that are stored in warehouses.
  • Bird droppings, can deface buildings, footpaths due to their acidic nature.

Reasons to choose iPest

  • 15 years experience
  • On time
  • Access Equipment – experienced in Knuckle Booms and Cherry pickers
  • Before and after plan
  • Licensed to work at heights.
  • Licensed and insured
Our Bird Control specialists can come to you to discuss your options. We can provide a customised quotation based on your property and requirements.  


  • Bird Proofing- Preventing birds entering your property is of the utmost importance. We locate and secure all viable entry points to your premises. If nests are found, the area will be cleaned and treated for the control of bird lice.
  • Spikes-Commercial bird spikes are a deterrent to prevent birds from roosting on guttering, ledges, window sills and other flat surfaces by preventing them from being able to land.
  • Netting-We use high quality grade bird netting material for all installations to ensure maximum protection.
  • Wiring - Can used to deter birds from landing on buildings and ledges. An effective method when used in the right situation.
  • Repellant Gel - Where other methods are not work or it is not visually appropriate Gel can be used as a repellent to stop birds from landing in areas. This method causes birds discomfort when they attempt to roost on items eg statues, landmarks, fountains.
  • Shock - Every time a bird lands it gives them a small electric shock as the deterrent. This tape can be placed on any ledge to prevent roosting.
  • Ultrasonic repellant - Electronic ultrasonic repellers emits sounds that frighten, confuse and disorient birds within a certain range.